West Virginia State Board of
Registration for Professional Engineers

The West Virginia State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers is charged with the responsibility of administering the provisions of the West Virginia State Registration Law for Professional Engineers (WV Code Chapter 30, Article 13 and Title 7 of the Legislative Rule – Series 1-2). In order to safeguard life, health and property and to promote public welfare, the practice of engineering in this state is hereby declared subject to regulation in the public interest.

In addition to evaluating candidates for licensure and administering examinations, the Board investigates allegations of misconduct, fraud, deceit, negligence and incompetence, unless dismissed by the Board as unfounded, trivial or otherwise without merit. The Board will determine whether or not a hearing is warranted for any individual licensee or any corporation holding a certificate of authorization.


Complaints may be filed against individuals and firms by submitting a letter to the Board specifying the allegation(s) and providing copies of documents and/or other evidence supporting the allegation(s). All formal complaints must be accompanied by the official Complaint Form of the WV Board and shall be sworn to and verified by the complainant before a notary public.

Complaint procedures will be in accordance with WV Code Chapter 30, Article 13 and Title 7 of the Legislative Rule - Section 2.

Complaint Form

Disciplinary Actions

Complaints may be resolved with formal disciplinary action or informally with appropriate warning or caution. Formal disciplinary actions are a matter of public record and will be posted below as well as in our annual newsletters. All complaints, except those identified "pending collection", are listed in chronological order based on the date they were closed. All matters closed by Board action within the last three (3) years appear below. For information on matters closed over three (3) years ago, please contact the Board office for details.

Completed Disciplinary Actions Click to View
Case No. 2016-04 Lauren Engineers and Constructors, Inc.
Case No. 2016-02 BioMost, Inc.
Case No. 2016-03 Barry Levin & Associates, Inc.
Case No. 2015-12 EXCO Resources (PA), LLC
Case No. 2015-14 Gary Lacy / Recreation Engineering & Planning, Inc.
Case No. 2015-16 Christopher Dudek / Lakeside Engineering Services, P.C.
Case No. 2015-15 Jeffery A. Arnold / Arnold Consulting Engineering Services, Inc.
Case No. 2015-06 David E. Moore
Case No. 2015-07 Light-Hiegel & Assoc.
Case No. 2015-05 LW Survey CO.
Case No. 2015-04 Troy M. White
Case No. 2014-20 Anthony Lauro, Jr.
Case No. 2015-03 New Horizon Site Services, Inc.
Case No. 2014-15 William L. Toney, Jr.
Case No. 2013-06 Johnson Controls, Inc.
Case No. 2014-12 Michael W. Stasch, A.M. Design & Engineering, LLC
Case No. 2015-02 Industrial Turnaround Corporation
Case No. 2014-04 Stephen P. Maslan
Case No. 2014-18 Freeland Harris Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Case No. 2014-11 Mark Taylor / J.F. Kiely Service Company, LLC
Case No. 2014-13 Kevin A. McGlumphy / Road Science Division of Arr-Maz Custom Chemicals, Inc.
Case No. 2014-14 Richard Hoppenjans
Case No. 2013-03 Samuel A. Wood
Case No. 2013-05 Navitus / Mark Smith
Case No. 2014-03 Gary Van Balen / Sci Tek Consultants, Inc.
Case No. 2014-06 Meta Engineers
Case No. 2014-07 Willbros Engineers, LLC
Case No. 2014-02 Appalachian Coal Services (ACS), LLC
Case No. 2010-11 James B. Hildreth
Case No. 2013-10 James D. Joye/Carolina Engineering Solutions, Inc.
Case No. 2013-08 Donald B. Thelen/Thelen Associates, Inc.
Case No. 2010-12 Jones & Jordan Engineering, Inc.
Case No. 2013-07 Salient Power Engineering LLC
Case No. 2013-01 Samuel A. Wood
Case No. 2012-09 William L. Toney, Jr.
Case No. 2004-04 Paul H. Kruggel & Associates, Inc. (pending collection)
Case No. 2004-07 Wilhelm Dix (pending collection)
Case No. 2006-01 Earl F. McKinney (pending collection)
Case No. 2006-19 all about Homes.net (pending collection)
Case No. 2008-14 Joseph N. Howard (pending collection)
Case No. 2009-03 Chris Deck/Rick Moss/Safe Foundation Inc. (pending collection)

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