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Please note the WV Engineering Law requires our agency to send notification at least 30 days prior to the expiration of your license, meaning no later than June 1st of each year. Renewal notification cards are typically mailed in mid-late May and the WV State Treasurer’s Office activates our online license renewal system at the same time. There will be instructions on the mailer as well as a live link posted here at that time. You will also receive a courtesy email notification to your record email address(es) last provided to our agency.

Inactive/Lapsed Status

The 2014 Renewal season, and additional 90-day grace period, closed on September 30, 2014. Any registrant (Professional Engineer or Retired Engineer) who did not renew their license is now “Lapsed”. Any entity (company, firm, etc) that did not renew their Certificate of Authorization is now “Lapsed”. Those who obtained a lapsed status receive a certified letter during October 2014 stating they failed to respond to the annual renewal and have automatically defaulted to "Lapsed" status. According to the WV Code, it is illegal for anyone with such status to practice or even offer to provide engineering services in West Virginia until they have been approved by the WV PE Board to return to “Active” status.

A registrant may bring an "Inactive" or "Lapsed" or "Retired" license to "Active" status by applying for reinstatement, obtaining all delinquent PDH's and paying the appropriate reinstatement fees. The number of PDH's required shall be no less than fifteen (15) and no more than thirty (30). A company may bring an "Inactive" or "Lapsed" COA to "Active" status by applying for reinstatement and paying the accelerated reinstatement fees.

For details on PE reinstatement for individuals, click here.

For details on COA reinstatement for companies, click here.

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