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Case No. 2017-11 Terence C. Moran
Case No. 2018-19 Trinity Consultants, Inc.
Case No. 2018-04 Ashim Ray / Ray Group Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Case No. 2018-14 Ryan Engineering, Inc.
Case No. 2018-06 Jonathan Garber / Lineage Architects, P.C.
Case No. 2018-12 Penta Engineering Company, LLC
Case No. 2018-13 CEO Structural Engineers, Inc.
Case No. 2018-15 United Rentals (North America), Inc.
Case No. 2018-07 John Arthur Herbst
Case No. 2018-02 Andrew P. Nichols
Case No. 2017-16 Bruce E. Kenney III
Case No. 2017-17 James T. Miller
Case No. 2017-18 Daniel R. Dennis, III / Dennis Corporation
Case No. 2016-18 Churches Engineering, LLC and Churches Engineering
Case No. 2017-22 Franklin S. Pajaro, PE
Case No. 2017-09 Picard Engineering
Case No. 2017-10 Structural Resources, Inc.
Case No. 2017-15 Ross Stevens / Stevens Engineering
Case No. 2017-19 TK Architects International, Inc.
Case No. 2017-20 Current Consulting, LLC
Case No. 2017-08 FESCO, LTD.
Case No. 2017-06 Seizmic, Inc.
Case No. 2016-09 William L. Toney, Jr.
Case No. 2017-03 Jeffrey Ruppert / ODISEA, LLC
Case No. 2016-25 John R. Carlin / Schneider Electric Engineering Services, LLC
Case No. 2017-01 Donald Stout / DCS Infrastructure Engineering, PLLC
Case No. 2016-27 WiSEngineers, Inc.
Case No. 2017-04 DWG, Inc. Consulting Engineers
Case No. 2017-05 Machado Patano, PLLC.
Case No. 2016-26 Gary Amendola / Amendola Engineering, Inc.
Case No. 2015-10, 2014-16 Daniel A. Metheny
Case No. 2016-22 Omni Consulting Services, Inc.
Case No. 2016-15 Jeffrey C. Woodcock / Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.
Case No. 2016-21 Gollins Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Case No. 2016-20 Timothy Mills / TAM Consultants, Inc.
Case No. 2016-19 David Mar / MAR Structural Design, Inc.
Case No. 2016-13 Broderick Cory Attra / Kevcor, Inc.
Case No. 2015-09 Jon T. Chu / Chu & Gassman Consulting Engineers, PC
Case No. 2016-07 John B. Regen
Case No. 2016-08 SE3, LLC
Case No. 2016-10 Sean Goldsmith / Integrity Engineering, PC.
Case No. 2016-06 Edward J. Galto
Case No. 2016-11 David Berry / APEC Engineering, Inc.
Case No. 2016-04 Lauren Engineers and Constructors, Inc.
Case No. 2015-08 Jon Hall
Case No. 2016-02 BioMost, Inc.
Case No. 2016-03 Barry Levin & Associates, Inc.
Case No. 2015-12 EXCO Resources (PA), LLC
Case No. 2015-14 Gary Lacy / Recreation Engineering & Planning, Inc.
Case No. 2015-16 Christopher Dudek / Lakeside Engineering Services, P.C.
Case No. 2015-15 Jeffery A. Arnold / Arnold Consulting Engineering Services, Inc.
Case No. 2015-06 David E. Moore
Case No. 2015-07 Light-Hiegel & Assoc.
Case No. 2015-05 LW Survey CO.
Case No. 2015-04 Troy M. White, P.E.
Case No. 2014-20 Anthony Lauro, Jr.
Case No. 2015-03 New Horizon Site Services, Inc.
Case No. 2014-15 William L. Toney, Jr.
Case No. 2013-06 Johnson Controls, Inc.
Case No. 2014-12 Michael W. Stasch / A.M. Design & Engineering, LLC
Case No. 2015-02 Industrial Turnaround Corporation
Case No. 2014-04 Stephen P. Maslan
Case No. 2014-18 Freeland Harris Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Case No. 2014-11 Mark Taylor / J.F. Kiely Service Company, LLC
Case No. 2014-13 Kevin A. McGlumphy / Road Science Division of Arr-Maz Custom Chemicals, Inc.
Case No. 2014-14 Richard Hoppenjans
Case No. 2013-03 Samuel A. Wood
Case No. 2013-05 Navitus Engineering, Inc. / Mark Smith
Case No. 2014-03 Gary L. Van Balen / Sci-Tek Consultants, Inc.
Case No. 2014-06 Meta Engineers, P.C.
Case No. 2014-07 Willbros Engineers, LLC
Case No. 2014-02 Appalachian Coal Services (ACS), LLC
Case No. 2010-11 James B. Hildreth
Case No. 2013-10 James D. Joye / Carolina Engineering Solutions, LLC
Case No. 2013-08 Donald B. Thelen/Thelen Associates, Inc.
Case No. 2010-12 Jones & Jordan Engineering, Inc.
Case No. 2013-07 Salient Power Engineering LLC
Case No. 2013-01 Samuel A. Wood
Case No. 2012-09 William L. Toney, Jr.
Case No. 2012-12 Kevin D. Branscum
Case No. 2009-12 Tapan K. Baksi
Case No. 2010-16 P. Michael Green / Green Engineering, Inc.
Case No. 2012-11 Robert J. Race / Race Engineering & Associates
Case No. 2012-04 Jeffrey L. Arnold / J. L. Arnold Engineering, Inc.
Case No. 2012-08 BIS TEPSCO INC.
Case No. 2012-05 Michael F. Salley, P.C.
Case No. 2012-01 Robert S. Krabill
Case No. 2012-02 Rickard A. Sicker / RAS Civil Engineering, LLC
Case No. 2009-11 Stephen G. Capelli
Case No. 2011-10 Keystone Mining Services, LLC
Case No. 2011-09 Charles G. Evans
Case No. 2011-11 Thurman W. Whisner
Case No. 2010-25 Communication Consulting Services, Inc.
Case No. 2011-07 SAH Design Group, Inc.
Case No. 2010-19 Joseph W. Sulesky
Case No. 2011-06 Craig Hartzell / Azimuth, Inc.
Case No. 2011-02 Chander P. Nangia
Case No. 2009-10 M. Ginger Scoggins / Engineered Designs, Inc.
Case No. 2010-22 Thomas H. Russell, LLC d/b/a Russell Company
Case No. 2010-18 J. Michael Harnett / Electrical Systems, Inc.
Case No. 2010-24 Michael B. Kopplin / Saulsbury Engineering & Construction, Inc.
Case No. 2010-23 Balzer & Associates, Inc.
Case No. 2010-14 Hayman Engineering, LLC
Case No. 2010-07 Carl V. Deicas
Case No. 2010-10 Frank S. Rivnyak / Peter J. Pycela / Innovative Engineering Services, LLC
Case No. 2010-03 Kleinschmidt Associates
Case No. 2009-17 Mark C. Ritchie / Ritchie Engineering, P.C.
Case No. 2009-21 Robert A. Walz
Case No. 2010-05 John K. Ward / Bush & Burchett, Inc.
Case No. 2010-09 Hurd & Obenchain, Inc.
Case No. 2009-14 Chadwick D. Biller
Case No. 2010-04 Corian W. Johnston / Johnston Design, Inc.
Case No. 2010-02 Innovative Technologies Group, Inc.
Case No. 2009-18 Parsons Infrastructure and Technology Group Inc.
Case No. 2009-13 William D. Swecker
Case No. 2009-22 Richard Wand / MJ Engineering & Consulting, Inc.
Case No. 2009-16 Walter J. Fitzgerald
Case No. 2009-19 WFT Engineering, Inc.
Case No. 2009-07 Mervin L. Snowden
Case No. 2009-08 Varo Engineers, Inc.
Case No. 2009-09 Kenneth Lovorn / Lovorn Engineering Associates
Case No. 2008-13 West Virginia Engineering Company
Case No. 2009-02 Apex Engineering
Case No. 2009-06 Domain Engineering Inc. / Dan E. Lansdown
Case No. 2009-01 Allen R. Moore
Case No. 2008-04 John Riley
Case No. 2008-01 Sam M. Deal
Case No. 2008-09 Riley Power Inc.
Case No. 2008-08 Universal Forest Products - Eastern Division, Inc.
Case No. 2008-03 Vertical Solutions, Inc.
Case No. 2008-07 Prater Engineering Associates, Inc. / Tim Prater
Case No. 2004-02 Corle Building Systems
Case No. 2004-06 Gary L. Stevens
Case No. 2007-17 Safety Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Case No. 2007-25 Mallia Engineering Company, Inc. / Maurice Mallia
Case No. 2007-22 Eipel Barbieri Marschhausen, LLP
Case No. 2007-23 Environmental Risk Management Consulting Company LLC
Case No. 2007-03 The Babcock and Wilcox Company
Case No. 2007-05 Energy & Environmental Management, Inc.
Case No. 2007-04 Chicago Bridge and Iron Company (Delaware)
Case No. 2007-08 Martin Engineering Services Group, LLC
Case No. 2007-10 Reaction Engineering International
Case No. 2007-07 Headwaters Incorporated
Case No. 2007-19 Robert G. Brock
Case No. 2007-18 Richmond Engineering Works LLC
Case No. 2006-18 Robert I. Chevel
Case No. 2007-09 Parkline, Inc.
Case No. 2007-01 ENVIRON International Corporation dba ADVENT-ENVIRON
Case No. 2007-12 Shiner & Associates, Inc.
Case No. 2007-13 Structural Integrity Associates
Case No. 2006-20 Donald C. Schock / Arthur Schock Engineers
Case No. 2006-10 BHJ Engineering, Inc. / Minor Botts Smith
Case No. 2006-17 Tensar Earth Technologies, Inc.
Case No. 2006-14 C. J. Brown Energy
Case No. 2006-08 Joseph W. Moss, P.E. / Richard D. Parks, P.E. / ARRO Consulting, Inc.
Case No. 2006-15 Todd D. Poff
Case No. 2006-13 The Mason & Hanger Group, Inc.
Case No. 2006-12 R&E Electric Company, Inc.
Case No. 2006-06 WV Electric Industries, Inc.
Case No. 2006-02 Green & Associates, LLC
Case No. 2006-11 Tuhin Basu & Associates, Inc.
Case No. 2004-08 American Home Design Build Group, LLC
Case No. 2006-03 Cummings-Riter Consultants, Inc.
Case No. 2006-04 Jerry A. Carter
Case No. 2005-09 Charles J. Keyes III
Case No. 2005-10 L. A. Fuess Partners
Case No. 2005-07 Walter R. Wilcox
Case No. 2005-04 Dennis S. Nelson
Case No. 2005-08 Hinkle Engineering, Inc.
Case No. 2005-05 Don H. Andelmo
Case No. 2004-01 Sean Simon
Case No. 2005-03 Gerald A. Herron, P.C. d/b/a Herron Engineering
Case No. 2005-02 Dennis C. Gray
Case No. 2004-05 Criss Haynes
Case No. 2004-03 Stephen D. Faulkner

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